The Globes
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The Globes
Pick a colour
Pick a size
Make it yours !

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Let's Dot Around Together...

Come with us on an exciting tour of the world, through smells and fragrances!

We will share with you our recollection of the most amazing places on the Globe, through their fragrances.

Burning a candle could inspire you to take some time out, visit new places and do those things you’ve been dreaming about. Let’s dot around together!

Brand new collection


We are literally “obsessed” with spheres, globes, dots, circles … anything round !
They represent the essence of Camdunia.

Our planet, each spot we discovered, each dot on the map we haven’t seen yet …
Fond memories and the call of discovery,

These beauties are carefully lacquered, in Italy.

Even though, they are not scented, each colour was designed to match our scented collection and destinations.

We also added the Yin and Yang, Black and ivory white, to bring peace into your homes.

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Scented collection


This collection is the result of a few encounters.

Olfactive memory is very powerful, in a second you can be in a different place, feel the presence of a loved one, or be 5 again.

Realising we had so many vivid travel memories linked to fragrances, first we wanted to share them with you in the comfort of your home. Then right after, we thought, what if we made you want to go and see for yourself ...

At the very same time, we met with Nathalie Feisthauer. A living legend for us. We got along really well and Nathalie agreed to translate our memories into fragrances. The first attempts were indeed magical.

Our Memories Collection was born.

All our fragrances are created by Nathalie, in Montmartre, Paris and produced in Grasse.

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