Camdunia Candles with Charlie Nose


Charlie Nose wrote in his Blog:


"Did candles bring you together?

Sarah: Well, we actually met  before we started making candles. We met through a school. Both of our girls went to the same class in Paris. It was a school for foreigners.

Aniela: We used to go to the same café every morning and one day we started chatting and that’s how we met. And that’s how we became really good friends.

Sarah: We had lived pretty much everywhere, we have travelled pretty much everywhere, so we started to talk about places we really liked, about our past trips and experiences

Aniela: …and about how smell enhances these memories

Sarah: That’s right. We realized that all those trips where attached to some smell and we just felt we had to do something with it.

But why candles?

Aniela: Why candles, not perfumes?

Precisely. "



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