“I thought scent was contained in dewdrops on flowers, and that if I got up very early in the morning, I could collect it, and make perfume.”

- Oscar de la Renta

As fragrance artisans at CAMDUNIA, we draw upon our collective inspiration to make each one. From our family recollections, nature, and our experiences.
We access our memories through the association of smell, one of the body’s most powerful sensory channels.

Seduced by the aromatic process, we are activated into a total sensual experience in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is why CAMDUNIA candles are created differently. We tap into the complexity of the olfactory system that’s essential for memory recollection and produce complex and elegant fragranced candles.

Our process for crafting CAMDUNIA Candles is as refined as the alchemy of fine perfumery. That’s why we’ve teamed up with “nez” and perfume designer, Nathalie Feisthauer, a living legend in the world of fine perfumes (See her Bio).

Take DENPASAR. When she re-created the Balinese city scent in her laboratoire, she meticulously listened to our stories, and we shared with her our experiences about our journey there. From a time. A place. A pearl necklace of moments strung together to form a souvenir of recollections. By listening and contemplating, she captured the distinctive tropical aroma essence. With instinct and artistry, she blended floral and sunny notes, mingled with orange blossom, the blooming gardenia flower of Tiaré, peach and coconut notes, vanilla and musks, and voila, the signature scent was born.

We are pleased to present you a CAMDUNIA candle that can carry you on an early morning breeze of a tropical garden, drifting like an airy message, an aromatic echo of a summer night dream. The memory of this exotic locale was translated into an elegant fragrance, one so refined, you’ll want to wear it. And we do!