Our Story

The story of CAMDUNIA began one day, just two women chatting together about our lives abroad; Asia for Sarah and the Middle East for Aniela. We talked about the intoxicating cities, the exalted landmarks, museums, and cafes, our favourite foods, drinks, and cherished spots that made us feel a sense of “home”…

We realized the importance of the “Proustian Phenomenon”. That our sense of smell was inextricably related to our memories.

For what are we, after all, but our memories?

It’s what makes us human.

Our memories were, and still are, powerful influencers throughout life’s long and winding life passages. Paths that take us to unexpected places, compelling us to explore the richness of world cultures and breath-taking landscapes, yet at the same time these strengthening our relationship to our own respective countries.

Sharing these moments and places through fragrances, and their “feel good” effect on us became an obsession!

So why candles? Simply, because we wanted to transport you to places, familiar or unknown to you in the comfort of your own home. We know distinctive smells have more power than any other sense to help us to go back in time to recall distant memories, or they can transport us from life’s everyday troubles to dream of the future.

From that moment on, we spent our time meeting with the best and brightest in their respective fields, from designing fragrances, to choosing the finest quality wax, wicks, and impeccable packaging...

Incidentally, our brand name, CAMDUNIA originated by combining our surnames: “Cam-Dunia” and we realized it sounded like the Latin name of a “mysterious” flower. What better name than one that mixes memory with mystery.

And that’s how our journey through fragrances began...

Are you ready to begin yours?

We invite you to inhale the realm of your senses, because you are about to embark on a fantastic voyage where you will feel your life, and live your memories!