Camdunia The A-Team

The “A-Team”

One is from Warsaw, the other from Paris
One likes dogs, the other likes cats
One is a morning person, the other’s a night owl
One is into sports, and you’ll never see the other sweat
One is a vegetarian, while the other asks, where’s the meat?
One dislikes spices, one loves ‘em
One drinks rarely, the other is a wine lover
One is rational, the other is Mediterranean
One is patient, and one is… (sorry, no time, got to run)
Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto

In the end, on top of being friends, we work together, like Yin and Yang. We are seemingly contrary forces, though complementary, interconnected, and interdependent.

Connecting the dots between us as co-founders creates "our big picture", dots that form an outline of the Camdunia candle lifestyle brand, delicate inspiring as a mysterious flower

We are both mothers, been expats, been married and with two young daughters.

With a common passion for jazz, champagne. and a desire to recapture memories with Camdunia candles, inspired by the joy of our roots and the excitement of travel, transporting you to places, familiar and unknown.

Camdunia The A-Team

Aniela - Growing up in Poland, I was given an incredible work ethic, and to believe in myself. That with drive and focus, anything and everything would be possible. This is the space in which my passion for co-creating Camdunia was born. One of the people who instilled these values in me was my grandfather. With gentle guidance, he taught me the importance of cultivating a heightened sense of awareness about my surroundings for others, and myself and that real “success” is measured by tempering personal fulfilment with feeling and compassion.

His wisdom to follow my heart reminds me of the story of the The Little Prince, “for it is only in the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye,” and I have tried to pay homage to his cherished memory, by living these values, and surrounding myself with people who inspire me to be a better person.

While my international career has taken me across continents and cultures, in the fast-paced arena of e-commerce and telecoms, the fundamental key to my own personal measure of “success” has been to follow grandfather’s example: to follow my heart. For me, that means using my intuition when I have to think on the spot, reflect on the bigger picture, and build strong performing teams.

As a working mum of two girls, I have been called upon to face even greater challenges of the work-life balance, to mine all the focus and creativity within me. Juggling an international career with motherhood has taught me to expand my bandwidth of patience and kindness. And I find there is an infinite reservoir of both with love in my heart, mixing memory with inspiration.

Sarah - Growing up between Provence and Paris, I had the extraordinarily good fortune to experience the city and the country life. My fondest childhood memories are taking long walks with my beloved “Mamie” to go asparagus or truffles picking. Or we’d go hunting for mushrooms, and other times, we would set off to search for berries to make jams and pies… These precious moments are imprints on my soul and I’ve developed a heightened sense of taste for food and a love of cooking; for savouring the exquisite flavours, colours, textures and, smells that surround me…

As I grew older, I also developed an insatiable curiosity for travel to explore the world, and my wanderlust led me to live in North America, England and Asia.

Later in life, when I worked in the luxury industry for some of the top brands, and then began to run my own company, I knew in my bones I was meant to be surrounded by beautiful products. But more importantly, this environment confirmed my naturally keen eye for detail, and reinforced how critical this talent would be, at every stage of the creative process.

So, it was all very natural that I should turn my focus toward fragrance, candles, and home styling. And here is where I’ve landed, recreating the moments from people and places that make me who I am today.

After living for a decade in Hong Kong, I’ve returned to Paris with my two daughters (both born abroad) and I’ve continued the tradition of revealing my French life to them, as my grandmother once did for me, and instilling the belief that all those who wander, are not lost.